Commit 28c7eba1 authored by Jim Nelson's avatar Jim Nelson

Can't press A or Delete to archive/trash message: Closes bgo#721789

If compiled with the GDK binding fix in Vala 0.23.2 (bgo#713240), this
patch fixes the accelerator problem.

Tip o' the hat to Charles, who pointed out the accelerators.ui file.
parent 35a8a397
......@@ -7,6 +7,8 @@
// Primary controller object for Geary.
public class GearyController : Geary.BaseObject {
// Named actions.
// NOTE: Some actions with accelerators need to also be added to ui/accelerators.ui
public const string ACTION_HELP = "GearyHelp";
public const string ACTION_ABOUT = "GearyAbout";
public const string ACTION_DONATE = "GearyDonate";
<accelerator action="GearyNewMessage" />
<accelerator action="GearyArchiveMessage" />
<accelerator action="GearyTrashMessage" />
<accelerator action="GearyDeleteMessage" />
<accelerator action="GearyReplyToMessage" />
<accelerator action="GearyReplyAllMessage" />
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