Commit 2401e005 authored by Jim Nelson's avatar Jim Nelson

Crash when connection denied or times out: Closes #7634

Previously ClientSession.connect_async() could leave the object in
a LOGGED_OUT state if the connection was denied by the server or
a timeout occurred when connecting.  This was bad because that
state indicates that the underlying connection may still be active
and needs an async close to occur.  Now connect_async() guarantees
that the connection is closed/disconnected/dead if it throws an
parent b4f3f15d
......@@ -481,6 +481,10 @@ public class Geary.Imap.ClientSession : BaseObject {
* call, depending on the results of the connection greeting from the server. However,
* command should only be transmitted (login, initiate session, etc.) after this call has
* completed.
* If the connection fails (if this call throws an Error) the ClientSession will be disconnected,
* even if the error was from the server (that is, not a network problem). The
* {@link ClientSession} should be discarded.
public async void connect_async(Cancellable? cancellable = null) throws Error {
MachineParams params = new MachineParams(null);
......@@ -514,9 +518,19 @@ public class Geary.Imap.ClientSession : BaseObject {
// cancel the timeout, if it's not already fired
// if session was denied or timeout, throw the Error
if (connect_err != null)
// if session was denied or timeout, ensure the session is disconnected and throw the
// original Error ... connect_async shouldn't leave the session in a LOGGED_OUT state,
// but completely disconnected if unsuccessful
if (connect_err != null) {
try {
yield disconnect_async(cancellable);
} catch (Error err) {
debug("[%s] Error disconnecting after a failed connect attempt: %s", to_string(),
throw connect_err;
private bool on_greeting_timeout() {
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