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    config/Makefile.am: Add Xephyr support and fix problem with · eb8b4011
    Brian Cameron authored
    2006-03-13  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
            * configure.ac, acconfig.h, daemon/Makefile.am, daemon/gdm.h
              daemon/server.c, daemon/gdmconfig.c, config/gdm.conf.in,
              config/Makefile.am:  Add Xephyr support and fix problem with
              using Xsun Xnest with Xorg 7.2.  Xsun doesn't like font path
              values that have the ":unscaled" suffix.  This required adding
              two new configuration options XnestDisplayArg and
              XnestUnscaledFontPath so that the user can configure whether
              the Xnest command uses the -display argument or the DISPLAY
              environment variable, and to specify whether to strip the
              ":unscaled" bits from the fontpath.  Modified configure so
              that if Xephyr is on the system, it is used as the Xnest
              program since it works better than Xnest.
            * daemon/gdmconfig.h: No longer set default values for the
              configuration choices here since default are set in
            * config/gdm.conf.in: Comment now says "true" for ConfigAvailable
              since this value has been defaulting to true for some time in
              daemon/gdm.h.   So the comment was wrong.
            * acconfig.h, configure.ac, daemon/gdm.h, daemon/gdmconfig.c: Rework
              how ALWAYS_RESTART_SERVER is set to avoid using #ifdef.  Also use
              AC_DEFINE for GDM_USER_PATH rather than passing it in as a -D
              argument to the compiler, so it works like the other config
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