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    Add needed glib/gstdio.h include to daemon/fstype.c which fixes a wierd · c462444b
    Brian Cameron authored
    2006-01-18  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
            * daemon/auth.c, daemon/choose.c, daemon/cookie.c, daemon/display.c,
              daemon/errorgui.c, daemon/filecheck.c, daemon/fstype.c, daemon/gdm.c,
              daemon/gdmconfig.c, daemon/server.c, daemon/slave.c,
              daemon/verify-crypt.c, daemon/verify-pam.c, daemon/verify-shadow.c,
              daemon/xdmcp.c, gui/gdmchooser.c, gui/gdmlogin.c, gui/gdmsession.c,
              gui/gdmsetup.c, gui/misc.c, gui/modules/dwellmouselistener.c,
              gui/modules/keymouselistener.c, utils/gdm-dmx-reconnect-proxy.c,
              vicious-extensions/test-ve-config.c, vicious-extensions/ve-config.c,
              vicious-extensions/ve-gnome.c, vicious-extensions/ve-misc.c,
              vicious-extensions/ve-miscui.c, vicious-extensions/ve-nongnome.c,
              vicious-extensions/ve-signal.c:  Add needed glib/gstdio.h include
              to daemon/fstype.c which fixes a wierd core dumping problem on
              Ubuntu.  Fixes bug #326819.  Patch provided by Sebastien Bacher
              <seb128@debian.org>.  Also fixed all the source so that the includes
              are more consistant with config.h in quotes instead of in "<>" and
              glib/gtk includes are always listed after system includes.
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