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      libgdmgreeter: rename to libgdm · c11bbed7
      Ray Strode authored
      libgdmgreeter is useful for clients that aren't greeters.
      This will be even more true in the future as it gets updated
      to be useful for screensavers.
      Given it offers APIs that apply to non-greeter applications,
      it's silly to have greeter in the library name.
      This commit renames libgdmgreeter to libgdm.
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      libgdmgreeter: generate implementation · 6ce1c7da
      Ray Strode authored
      GdmGreeterClient is the interface greeters use to communicate
      with their respective slaves. It will eventually also be
      useful as an interface for screensavers to do authentication.
      The actual GdmGreeterClient code is a just a thin wrapper around
      some libdbus calls. Something very similar can be automatically
      generated using gdbus-codegen.
      This commit:
          - updates the library to use the most up to date dbus
            interfaces provided by the daemon
          - replaces the hand rolled dbus code with generated code,
            but leaving the client interface to get at the generated
      Based on work by Giovanni Campagna <gcampagna@src.gnome.org>
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      Revert some commits · 5d4fb658
      Ray Strode authored
      I had some inprogress changes in my local tree when when
      git bz applying the patches on bug 618047.
      Those unfinished changes got interleaved into the commits,
      creating a bit of a mess.
      Also, bug 618047 has been reopened.
      This commit reverts those changes for now until.
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