Commit e8f11816 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode

manager: fix build with --without-plymouth

commit 80b46e2b accidentally put the
`doing_initial_setup` boolean declaration inside
a plymouth-enabled code path.

That broke the build for non-plymouth users.

This commit moves the declaration and the subsequent
initialization to unconditionalized code.
parent 92784a84
......@@ -1433,14 +1433,13 @@ on_display_status_changed (GdmDisplay *display,
int status;
int display_number = -1;
char *session_type = NULL;
gboolean doing_initial_setup = FALSE;
gboolean display_is_local = FALSE;
gboolean doing_initial_setup = FALSE;
gboolean quit_plymouth = FALSE;
g_object_get (display,
"is-local", &display_is_local,
"doing-initial-setup", &doing_initial_setup,
quit_plymouth = display_is_local && manager->priv->plymouth_is_running;
......@@ -1448,6 +1447,7 @@ on_display_status_changed (GdmDisplay *display,
g_object_get (display,
"x11-display-number", &display_number,
"session-type", &session_type,
"doing-initial-setup", &doing_initial_setup,
status = gdm_display_get_status (display);
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