Commit d94f5a79 authored by Jasper St. Pierre's avatar Jasper St. Pierre

display: Clean up get_timed_login_details

Make it properly log itself as a GdmDisplay method, and use
local variables to ensure that callers can pass NULL.
parent f379aa28
......@@ -438,20 +438,38 @@ gdm_display_real_get_timed_login_details (GdmDisplay *display,
gdm_display_get_timed_login_details (GdmDisplay *display,
gboolean *enabled,
char **username,
int *delay,
gboolean *out_enabled,
char **out_username,
int *out_delay,
GError **error)
gboolean enabled;
char *username;
int delay;
g_return_val_if_fail (GDM_IS_DISPLAY (display), FALSE);
GDM_DISPLAY_GET_CLASS (display)->get_timed_login_details (display, enabled, username, delay);
GDM_DISPLAY_GET_CLASS (display)->get_timed_login_details (display, &enabled, &username, &delay);
g_debug ("GdmSlave: Got timed login details for display %s: %d '%s' %d",
g_debug ("GdmDisplay: Got timed login details for display %s: %d '%s' %d",
*username ? *username : "(null)",
if (out_enabled) {
*out_enabled = enabled;
if (out_username) {
*out_username = username;
} else {
g_free (username);
if (out_delay) {
*out_delay = delay;
return TRUE;
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