Commit c98ea6a4 authored by qzheng's avatar qzheng Committed by Ray Strode

libgdm: filter out sessions with duplicate names

Right now if two session files have the same translated name, the login
screen will show both of them.  There's no way the user can know which
session does which, so that's not a great user experience. Furthermore,
in the face of symlinks, both sessions truely could be identical.

This commit filters out the duplicates, so only one shows in the list.

Closes #437
parent 4021902d
Pipeline #49702 passed with stage
in 13 minutes and 22 seconds
......@@ -111,6 +111,14 @@ key_file_is_relevant (GKeyFile *key_file)
return TRUE;
static gboolean
find_session_with_same_name (const char *id,
GdmSessionFile *session,
const char *translated_name)
return g_strcmp0 (session->translated_name, translated_name) == 0;
static void
load_session_file (const char *id,
const char *path)
......@@ -118,7 +126,7 @@ load_session_file (const char *id,
GKeyFile *key_file;
GError *error;
gboolean res;
GdmSessionFile *session;
GdmSessionFile *session, *session_with_same_name;
key_file = g_key_file_new ();
......@@ -154,6 +162,13 @@ load_session_file (const char *id,
session->translated_name = g_key_file_get_locale_string (key_file, G_KEY_FILE_DESKTOP_GROUP, "Name", NULL, NULL);
session->translated_comment = g_key_file_get_locale_string (key_file, G_KEY_FILE_DESKTOP_GROUP, "Comment", NULL, NULL);
session_with_same_name = g_hash_table_find (gdm_available_sessions_map,
(GHRFunc) find_session_with_same_name,
if (session_with_same_name != NULL)
g_hash_table_remove (gdm_available_sessions_map, session_with_same_name->id);
g_hash_table_insert (gdm_available_sessions_map,
g_strdup (id),
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