Commit 839c9501 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode

Merge branch 'no-wayland-for-nvidia' into 'master'

data: disable wayland for proprietary nvidia machines

See merge request !46
parents ef231c27 5cd78602
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......@@ -2,3 +2,5 @@
ATTR{vendor}=="0x1013", ATTR{device}=="0x00b8", ATTR{subsystem_vendor}=="0x1af4", ATTR{subsystem_device}=="0x1100", RUN+="@libexecdir@/gdm-disable-wayland"
# disable Wayland on Hi1710 chipsets
ATTR{vendor}=="0x19e5", ATTR{device}=="0x1711", RUN+="@libexecdir@/gdm-disable-wayland"
# disable Wayland when using the proprietary nvidia driver
DRIVER=="nvidia", RUN+="@libexecdir@/gdm-disable-wayland"
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