Commit 51669cb0 authored by Martin Pitt's avatar Martin Pitt

Fix crash in getting system keyboard layout

In get_system_default_layout(), use a static variable for
xkl_engine_get_instance() result, and don't close the X Display.

This fixes the crash that happens at the second call of
get_system_default_layout(): xkl_engine_get_instance() returns a singleton
which saves the passed X Display instance, so we must never close it.
parent 70ae0a9d
......@@ -601,16 +601,19 @@ get_default_language_name (GdmSessionDirect *session)
static char *
get_system_default_layout (GdmSessionDirect *session)
char *result;
Display *display;
char *result = NULL;
static XklEngine *engine = NULL;
result = NULL;
display = XOpenDisplay (session->priv->display_name);
if (display) {
XklConfigRec *config;
XklEngine *engine = xkl_engine_get_instance (display);
if (engine)
if (engine == NULL) {
Display *display = XOpenDisplay (session->priv->display_name);
if (display != NULL) {
engine = xkl_engine_get_instance (display);
/* do NOT call XCloseDisplay (display) here;
* xkl_engine_get_instance() is a singleton which saves the display */
if (engine != NULL) {
XklConfigRec *config = xkl_config_rec_new ();
if (xkl_config_rec_get_from_server (config, engine) && config->layouts && config->layouts[0]) {
if (config->variants && config->variants[0] && config->variants[0][0])
......@@ -619,8 +622,6 @@ get_system_default_layout (GdmSessionDirect *session)
result = g_strdup (config->layouts[0]);
g_object_unref (config);
XCloseDisplay (display);
if (!result)
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