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    gdm-{x,wayland}-session: don't start dbus-daemon if unneeded · dd5ceaf7
    David Herrmann authored
    Desktop sessions require a message bus to be present for IPC between
    the various desktop services and applications.
    GDM handles that by manually, unconditionally spawning an instance of
    dbus-daemon at login time before starting the user session (from the
    gdm-x-session and gdm-wayland-session launcher programs).
    Newer versions of the kernel will support this message bus functionality
    without needing to start dbus-daemon (via kdbus). The message bus is
    initialized as part of the login process by a kernel interface exercised
    from pam_systemd.
    Since gdm-x-session and gdm-wayland-session spawn a dbus-daemon
    unconditionally as part of session startup, users using kdbus end up with
    two message buses per session. The extra bus gets in the way, confusing
    programs and wasting resources.
    This commit changes gdm-x-session and gdm-wayland-session to check for
    DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS in the environment, and if set, skip spawning
    a dbus-daemon based session bus.