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    More changes related to bug #352924. Made warnings more self-explanatory · db2b826b
    Lukasz Zalewski authored
    2006-11-08  Lukasz Zalewski  <lukas@dcs.qmul.ac.uk>
            More changes related to bug #352924.
            * gui/gdmsetup.c: Made warnings more self-explanatory when no themes
              are selected in "Random from selected" mode. Enabled back the delete
              button on the "Random from selected" view for the currently selected
              theme in the single theme view with a slight modification - users can
              click on it but get told that they need to first deselect it from
              "Single theme" mode first in order to delete it. Also upon closure if
              users have activeted "Random form selected" but have not selected any
              themes for it, they will be informed that the greeter will default to
              single theme mode.
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