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    This further improves GDM configuration so that now only the GDM daemon · b68ffea6
    Brian Cameron authored
    2005-11-21  Brian Cameron <Brian.Cameron@sun.com>
            This further improves GDM configuration so that
            now only the GDM daemon parses and manages the
            configuration file.  Most client programs use
            the GET_CONFIG command to access needed data.
            This simplifies the configuration logic and
            puts all configuration parsing in one place
            and gets rid of a lot of global variables that
            were making the code look messy.  This also
            gets rid of several places where gnome_config
            deprecated functions were being used.  I have
            cleaned up the code so that the vicious-extensions
            code is more localized in gui/gdmconfig.[ch].
            Some work is left to do:  gdmflexiserver still
            uses gnome_config functions and gdmconfig should
            use the new functions for reading from the
            configuration file.  Some compile issues fixed
            as highlghted by dmacks@netspace.org to fix
            bug #322083.
            * NEWS: Fixed comment.
            * daemon/gdm.h: Further cleanup of #define's so
              that they better match the names of the config
            * daemon/gdm.c: Now GET_CONFIG returns "OK" if
              the key is valid but has no value when it
              is a string.  Now free return value from
            * daemon/Makefile.am, gui/greeter/Makefile.am:
              Now the daemon validates the greeter's theme
              directory, so pass the default value into the
              daemon and not the greeter.
            * daemon/gdmconfig.h: Added gdm_is_valid_key
              and corrected prototype for
            * daemon/slave.c: Fix warning and compile errors.
            * daemon/gdmconfig.c: Further fleshed out.
              Now it supports a few additional keys I
              overlooked.  It now validates all keys used
              by the slaves.  Now handles translated string.
              Further refactored the code.
            * gui/Makefile.am: Added gdmconfig.[ch] to
              common library.
            * gui/gdmconfig.[ch]: New functions for
              accessing configuration data for slaves.
            * gui/gdmXnestchooser.c, gui/gdmlanguages.c,
              gui/gdmsession.h, gui/gdmuser.h, gui/gdmwm.c,
              gui/misc.c, gui/greeter/greeter_item_capslock.c:
              gui/greeter/greeter_item_pam.c: No longer include
              vicious.h/viciousui.h, instead gdmconfig.h.
            * gui/gdmcomm.c: Fix gdm_check_comm to no
              longer require passing in the config file
            * gui/gdmcommon.[ch]: Get rid of old
              gdm_common_*_same functions that are
              replaced with new gui/gdmconfig logic.
              Now functions that access config data
              use the new functions.
            * gui/gdmflexiserver.c: Now displays the
              localized string when you use GET_CONFIG
              to access a translatable string.
            * gui/gdmconfig.c: Now calls update_key in
              addition to update_greeters when updating
              greeter config data, since the daemon needs
              to update the values now when they change.
            * gui/gdmchooser.c, gui/gdmdynamic.c,
              gui/gdmlogin.c, gui/gdmphotosetup.c,
              gui/gdmsession.c, gui/gdmuser.c,
              gui/greeter/greeter_system.c:  Updated to
              use new configuration functions.
            * vicious-extensions/glade-helper.c: Now
              include stdlib.h to avoid compiler warnings.
            * gui/greeter/greeter.c: Remove unused
              gdm_kill_thingies function.
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