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    daemon: clean house (drop factory mode) · c8bffea9
    Ray Strode authored
    GDM has a currently unused feature called "factory mode", where
    the login screen gets allocated its own VT and any subsequent logins
    from that login screen go to their own VT.  Any time there's a user
    switch GDM just jumps back to initial VT where the login screen is
    patiently waiting.
    This feature has a lot of upsides, and we've had it as a TODO item to
    start using it for while now.
    It doesn't look it's going to happen in the near term, though, and
    factory mode has downsides as well:
    - a VT switch after the user hits enter at the login screen would be
      jarring and would ruin the "flicker free" boot experience we've tried
      to acheive at various points in the past. This could theoretically be
      fixed by Wayland.
    - it adds a bunch of untested, unused code to the codebase.
    This latter reason makes me want to kill it for now. It shouldn't be
    hard to resurrect later if we end up needing the feature.
    This commit drops that code.
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