1. 03 May, 2006 3 commits
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  7. 27 Apr, 2006 6 commits
    • Francisco Javier F. Serrador's avatar
      Updated Spanish translation. · ed75fa34
      Francisco Javier F. Serrador authored
      2006-04-27  Francisco Javier F. Serrador  <serrador@cvs.gnome.org>
      	* es.po: Updated Spanish translation.
    • Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel's avatar
      Updated Translation · be0c2e88
      Ankitkumar Rameshchandra Patel authored
    • Brian Cameron's avatar
      Didn't finish last commit. · e337cdac
      Brian Cameron authored
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      Fix pam stack so that for autologin the GDM PAM stack is · d40ec1be
      Brian Cameron authored
      2006-04-26  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
              * daemon/verify-pam.c:  Fix pam stack so that for autologin the
                GDM PAM stack is "GDM_KEY_PAM_STACK-autogen" so it works like
    • Brian Cameron's avatar
      Add pam-error-logo item type. Add item type button to use a real GTK+ · 4a8546fc
      Brian Cameron authored
      2006-04-26  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
              * gui/greeter_item_pam.c: Add pam-error-logo item type.
              * gui/greeter/greeter_item.h, gui/greeter/greeter_canvas_item.c,
                gui/greeter/greeter_geometry, gui/greeter/greeter_parser.c: Add item
                type button to use a real GTK+ button, this better supports
                accessibility.  Add "startover" string to stock, this better name
                for the "Cancel" button was recommended.
              * gui/greeter/themes/happygnome/happygnome.xml,
                gui/greeter/themes/circles/circles.xml: Updated theme to use real
                GTK+ buttons.  Now says "Start Over" instead of "Cancel" on the
              * gui/greeter/greeter_events.c, gui/greeter/greeter_item.c: Code
              * docs/gdm/gdm.xml: Add docs for new features and the gtk-theme
                greeter element feature added in 2.12 but after string-freeze, so
                docs couldn't be updated then.
    • Brian Cameron's avatar
      Adding per-display configuration support to GDM. Now if user has a file · 425ce74b
      Brian Cameron authored
      2006-04-26  Brian Cameron  <brian.cameron@sun.com>
              Adding per-display configuration support to GDM.  Now if user has
              a file named /etc/gdm/custom.conf:<displaynum>, the settings in this
              file will override the /usr/share/gdm/defaults.conf and
              /etc/X11/gdm/custom.conf settings.  Only keys that affect the GUI
              behavior are supported.  These include those in the "gui" and
              "greeter" sections and the security/PamStack key.
              * daemon/gdm.c: Update GET_CONFIG command so it accepts a display
                argument.  It is backwards compatible and will return the per-display
                setting if this is passed in, or the non-display value if not
                passed in.  Fix bug that caused PreFetch key to not just return
                the once as it is supposed to.
              * daemon/gdmconfig.[ch], jui/gdmconfig.c: Updated to support
                per-display configuration.
              * daemon/gdm.h: Updated documentation for new command.  Corrected some
              * daemon/verify-pam.c, daemon/gdmconfig.c config/gdm.conf.in: Add
                security/PamStack configuration variable as a per-display setting.
                This allows the sysadmin to specify a different PAM stack, if desired
                and also allows customization per display.  Also added key info for
                some BackgroundProgram keys that were missing.
              * config/PreSession.in: now requests configuration data per-display.
                Will use normal configuration if no per-display config files.
              * gui/.cvsignore: Add gdmsetup.desktop.in
              * gui/gdmdynamic.: Improve usage warning.
              * gui/gdmlogin.c: Add some debug
              * docs/C/gdm.xml: Updated docs to reflect new per-display config.
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