Commit db94ed31 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode
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session: override LANG with user configured language

We need to set LANG based on whats in accountsservice, for the
language configuration in control-center to work.

This commit partially reverts commit

parent 597c5e1a
......@@ -2395,6 +2395,7 @@ set_up_session_environment (GdmSession *self)
GdmSessionDisplayMode display_mode;
gchar *desktop_names;
const char *locale;
gdm_session_set_environment_variable (self,
......@@ -2413,6 +2414,17 @@ set_up_session_environment (GdmSession *self)
set_up_session_language (self);
locale = get_default_language_name (self);
if (locale != NULL && locale[0] != '\0') {
gdm_session_set_environment_variable (self,
gdm_session_set_environment_variable (self,
display_mode = gdm_session_get_display_mode (self);
if (display_mode == GDM_SESSION_DISPLAY_MODE_REUSE_VT) {
gdm_session_set_environment_variable (self,
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