Commit 0fccf4e0 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode
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access-file: don't use FamilyLocal for auth cookie

FamilyLocal is really fragile to hostname changes, so
avoid using it when creating the initial auth cookie for
establishing access to the X server for the slave.

This commit changes the Xauthority entry to use FamilyWild
which makes the address of the entry unimportant.
parent 6c6e5139
......@@ -438,13 +438,8 @@ _get_auth_info_for_display (GdmDisplayAccessFile *file,
gdm_display_is_local (display, &is_local, NULL);
if (is_local) {
char localhost[HOST_NAME_MAX + 1] = "";
*family = FamilyLocal;
if (gethostname (localhost, HOST_NAME_MAX) == 0) {
*address = g_strdup (localhost);
} else {
*address = g_strdup ("localhost");
*family = FamilyWild;
*address = g_strdup ("localhost");
} else {
*family = FamilyWild;
gdm_display_get_remote_hostname (display, address, NULL);
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