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    Add possibility to request logout action to happen when the display dies · 9a27803b
    Wed Dec 10 13:08:13 2003  Wanker who should set his $CHANGELOGNAME <wanker@wankers.com>
    	* daemon/gdm.[ch], daemon/display.c, daemon/gdm-net.[ch],
    	  daemon/server.c, daemon/xdmcp.c:  Add possibility to request
    	  logout action to happen when the display dies using the SUP socket
    	  protocol.  Very loosely based on a patch from Jarno Gassenbauer,
    	  but simplified and not having a DoS and/or authentication leak
    	  as the original patches do.  The commands are named different to
    	  avoid naming conflict.
    	* daemon/gdm.h, config/gdm.conf.in, docs/C/gdm.xml,
    	  config/Makefile.am, gdm.spec.in: move the built in sessions to
    	  a more appropriate place (datadir)
    	* gui/gdmcommon.[ch], gui/gdmlogin.c, gui/greeter/greeter.[ch],
    	  gui/greeter/greeter*.c: move some common utility functions to
    	  a common sublibrary (renamed the language lib to libgdmcommon),
    	  should cut down a little on the code duplication.  Needs more.
    	* gui/gdmcommon.[ch], gui/gdmlogin.c, gui/greeter/greeter.c,
    	  docs/C/gdm.xml, daemon/gdm.h, config/gdm.conf.in: Apply a patch
    	  from Anton Altaparmakov to add an optional info message to the
    	* gui/gdmsetup.c: fix RH 97716 by putting up a dialog when user
    	  tries to input root for the first time
    	* docs/C/gdm.xml: minor updates.
    	* daemon/gdm.c: GdmStandardXServer can now have arguments (we used
    	  to parse them, but if there were arguments, sanity checks would
    	  fail making it not work), so no real change in how it works, it
    	  just accepts more inputs
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