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    Whack the gdmconfig again, gdmconfig is now really dead · 0b6ad30c
    Jiri (George) Lebl authored
    Thu Apr 25 17:20:52 2002  George Lebl <jirka@5z.com>
    	* Makefile.am, configure.in, gdm.spec.in, gdmsetup-security.in:
    	  Whack the gdmconfig again, gdmconfig is now really dead
    	* configure.in, docs/Makefile.am: don't build gdmconfig docs
    	* gui/greeter/greeter.c, gui/greeter/greeter_canvas_item.c,
    	  gui/greeter/greeter_events.c, gui/greeter/greeter_geometry.c,
    	  gui/greeter/greeter_item.c, gui/greeter/greeter_item.h,
    	  gui/greeter/greeter_item_capslock.c, gui/greeter/greeter_parser.c,
    	  gui/greeter/greeter_parser.h:  Handle multi-item buttons so that
    	  we can catch clicks on the labels next to the buttons in the
    	  circles theme.  Add 'show modes' since some items may not be shown
    	  depending on what the daemon tells us.  Reformat some code to be in
    	  the same style.  Fix a bunch of leaks and some other minor fixes.
    	  Also the text is now not taken from a "val" property but from the
    	  content since text in a property is just on crack.
    	* gui/greeter/greeter.dtd: update a tad but it's still out of date
    	* gui/greeter/themes/circles/circles.xml: update for the above
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