Commit ea372163 authored by Sebastien Granjoux's avatar Sebastien Granjoux

Allow to add GdlDock object inside GdlDockItem

parent 2862943f
......@@ -868,7 +868,7 @@ gdl_dock_item_add (GtkContainer *container,
g_return_if_fail (GDL_IS_DOCK_ITEM (container));
item = GDL_DOCK_ITEM (container);
if (GDL_IS_DOCK_OBJECT (widget)) {
if (GDL_IS_DOCK_ITEM (widget)) {
g_warning (_("You can't add a dock object (%p of type %s) inside a %s. "
"Use a GdlDock or some other compound dock object."),
widget, G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (widget), G_OBJECT_TYPE_NAME (item));
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