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    Added toolbar items. · f1c207c3
    Dave Camp authored
    2000-12-02  Dave Camp  <dave@helixcode.com>
    	* scintilla-control/scintilla-ui.xml: Added toolbar items.
    	* scintilla-control/scintilla-editor-buffer.c (impl_get_chars):
    	Renamed from impl_read().
    	(impl_insert): Changed to reflect idl changes.
    	(init_editor_buffer_corba_class): s/read/get_chars/.
    	* scintilla-control/scintilla-control.c (scintilla_factory): Added
    	selection_start and selection_end properties.
    	(scintilla_activate_cb): Rearrange the freezing.
    	(get_prop): Implement the selection_start and selection_end props.
    	* idl/editor-buffer.idl: Replaced read() with get_chars().
    	Take a null-terminated string for insert().
    	* gdl/Makefile.am (libgdlinclude_HEADERS): Install
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