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      Import the GDI+ gdk-pixbuf loaders for Windows by Dominic Lachowicz and · 403315ef
      Tor Lillqvist authored
      2008-03-21  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@novell.com>
      	Import the GDI+ gdk-pixbuf loaders for Windows by Dominic
      	Lachowicz and Alberto Ruiz into the GTK+ tree, from the
      	gdip-pixbuf-loader module.
      	* configure.in: Add switch --disable-gdiplus-loaders that disables
      	building of the GDI+ loaders.
      	When including loaders in the gdk-pixbuf library, either build in
      	abll the GDI+ ones or none of them. Use just -DINCLUDE_gdiplus in
      	$INCLUDED_LOADER_DEFINE to signal building them in.
      	Add Automake conditionals BUILD_GDIPLUS_LOADERS to indicate
      	whether the GDI+ loaders should be built and INCLUDE_GDIPLUS to
      	indicate whether they should be built-in.
      	For the rest of the changes, see gdk-pixbuf/ChangeLog.
      	In gdk-pixbuf:
      	* Makefile.am: Add the bits and pieces for the GDI+ loaders. When
      	building GDI+ loaders don't build the traditional ones for the
      	same formats. Always build the traditional PNG loader, though, as
      	it isn't possible to read and write PNG tEXt chunks through GDI+,
      	and GIMP at least needs that functionality in the gdk-pixbuf PNG
      	Either build all the GDI+ loaders (except the PNG one) into
      	libgdk-pixbuf, or build them all as DLLs. I don't see any reason
      	to enable cherry-picking among them whether to build in or not.
      	* io-gdip-animation.c
      	* io-gdip-animation.h
      	* io-gdip-bmp.c
      	* io-gdip-emf.c
      	* io-gdip-gif.c
      	* io-gdip-ico.c
      	* io-gdip-jpeg.c
      	* io-gdip-native.h
      	* io-gdip-png.c
      	* io-gdip-propertytags.h
      	* io-gdip-tiff.c
      	* io-gdip-utils.c
      	* io-gdip-utils.h
      	* io-gdip-wmf.c: New files. Note that io-gdip-png.c is not
      	currently used.
      	* gdk-pixbuf-io.c: Add the bits and pieces for built-in GDI+
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=19914