Commit c085b32c authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera
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* API changes:
- Deprecate GdkPixdata
- Add gdk_pixbuf_get_options() helper to list set options
- Annotations fixes for various functions
- Remove incorrect info about area-prepared signal
* Image format support changes
- Flag multi-page TIFF files
- Fix memory usage for GIF animations, add note about minimum frame length
- Return an error for truncated PNG files
- Add density (DPI) support for JPEG, PNG and TIFF
- Fix reading CMYK JPEG files generated by Photoshop
- Allow saving 1-bit mono TIFF files as used in faxes
- Simplify loader names
- Fix loading GIF files when the first write is short
- Add progressive loading to ICNS files
- Add support for 256x256 ICO files
- Fix reading MS AMCap2 BMP files
* Other:
- Honour requested depth in Xlib
- Special-case compositing/copying with no scaling
- Add relocation support to OSX and Linux
- Prefer gdk-pixbuf's loaders to the GDI+ ones on Windows
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