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  • 3.3.2
    1079619f · Release 3.3.2 ·
    gcr 3.3.2
     - Allow changing collection on a GcrCollectionModel, add tree/list
       mode to GcrCollectionModel
     - Allow chaining of GckEnumerator objects, so that when objects from
       one is listed, then chained enumerator is enumerated.
     - Integrate GTlsInteraction into libgck for logging in or key auth.
     - Refactor internal DER parsing to use reference counted memory
       using the prototyped GBytes API.
     - Build fixes, documentation fixes, testing fixes, memory leak fixes
    78d560bf · Release version ·
     - Fix build issues
  • 3.3.1
    a319d796 · Release version 3.3.1 ·
    gcr 3.3.1
     - Add function to get elements of union collection
     - Add gck_slot_enumerate_objects() function
     - Enumerator can now retrieve object attributes
     - Add gck_session_find_handles() and friends
     - Add gnupg and password icons
     - Function to notify that certificate changed
     - Update glib dependency for 2.30.0
     - Build, translation and documentation fixes
  • split
    This is the point at which this module was split out of gnome-keyring
    Commits prior to this commit will not build. To build
    old releases of Gcr or Gck you should use the gnome-keyring
    git module.
    This module currently depends on: gtk+ >= 3.0, glib >= 2.28.0,
    p11-kit >= 0.6, libgcrypt >= 1.2.2
    Additionally it requires asn1Parser for building.