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    • Niels De Graef's avatar
      docs: Port from gtk-doc to gi-docgen · 6fc2f87a
      Niels De Graef authored and Corentin Noël's avatar Corentin Noël committed
      gtk-doc has been slowly dying for the past few years. With gi-docgen we
      have a clear successor in sight to replace the voodoo magic one needs to
      get the whole documentation setup.
      See the [gi-docgen tutorial] for more info on how the system works.
      Since we're now only the C compiler (and GIR) parse the C code, that
      means we can also get rid of all the special escapes for the # character
      in PKCS#11.
      [gi-docgen tutorial]: https://gnome.pages.gitlab.gnome.org/gi-docgen/tutorial.html
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    • Niels De Graef's avatar
      gcr, ui: Use NULL for "simple" signals · 935eb7fc
      Niels De Graef authored
      Apart from being less code, this actually gives us a nice performance
      improvement. Up until a few years ago, if you pass `NULL` as the
      marshaller for a signal, GLib would fall back to
      `g_cclosure_marshal_generic` which uses libffi to pack/unpack its
      arguments. One could avoid this by specifying a more specific
      marshaller which would then be used to immediately pack and unpack into
      GValues with the correct type.
      Lately however, as a way of optimizing signal emission (which can be
      quite expensive), GLib added a possibility to set a va_marshaller, which
      skips the unnecessary GValue packing and unpacking and just uses a
      valist variant.
      Since the performance difference is big enough, if the marshaller
      argument is NULL, `g_signal_new()` will now check for the simple
      marshallers (return type NONE and a single argument) and set both the
      generic and the valist marshaller. In other words, less code for us with
      bigger optimizations.
      In case you also want va_marshallers for more complex signals, you can
      use `g_signal_set_va_marshaller()`.
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    • Niels De Graef's avatar
      gcr: Use G_PARAM_STATIC_STRINGS · 9a0d0419
      Niels De Graef authored
      This prevents some unnecessary string copies, resulting in less memory
      used and some unnecessary performance overhead being removed. Well, a
      little bit at least.
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      Makefile.am: Single Makefile mode and parallel-tests · 9019498d
      Stef Walter authored
      gtk-doc doesn't work as an included Makefile so continue to
      use SUBDIRS with docs/reference/*
      Run the tests using TAP. Unfortunately the GTest --tap output
      mode doesn't behave well in the face of failures, and doesn't
      output a test plan. Use our own tap-driver and tap-compiler
      for these reasons.
      This also fixes several builddir != srcdir issues and testing hacks
      that were sneaking around in the code base.
      Move the tests into the same directories as the code that it
      is testing.
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    • Hashem Nasarat's avatar
      Parser: Store imported key filename in Parsed & Parser · 3a5c4663
      Hashem Nasarat authored
      1. Access to the filename is useful in many ways. Importers, e.g.
      GcrOpenSshImporter, have access to the GcrParsed, and can read the
      filename to preserve filenames of imported keys.
      2. When the GcrViewerWindow reads a key to create a parser, store
      the filename as an instance variable of the parser
      3. In the parse_...() functions where the GcrParsed is created, store
      the filename as an instance variable via push_parsed (read it from
      the parser).
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    • Stef Walter's avatar
      egg: Rework how DER parsing works · ae6f001f
      Stef Walter authored
       In particular fix things like
       * Indefinite parsing
       * Encoding of defaults
       * Ability to read values that haven't yet been encoded
       * Proper handling of ANY tags
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  27. 08 Dec, 2011 2 commits
    • Stef Walter's avatar
      gck: Add floating references to GckAttributes · 411cc74a
      Stef Walter authored
       * Allows us more flexibility in our API in the future
       * Simplifies the common case of generating a set of attributes
         and directly passing it to a gck function
    • Stef Walter's avatar
      gck: Add GckBuilder as a mutable attribute set · cb64b5ec
      Stef Walter authored
       * Use GckBuilder to build a set of attributes, and then
         GckAttributes is a immutable set of attributes.
       * We reference count the memory used in attributes, so
         as we copy and transfer the attributes without duplicating
         values unnecessarily
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