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Release unstable version 3.90.0

Note that this is the first unstable release of gcr4
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gcr 3.90.0:
- WARNING: this is the alpha release of gcr4, which is a major version bump
with several API and ABI breaks.
- The "gcr" pkgconfig package now no longer contains the UI widgets (i.e. the
former "gcr-base" package).
- "gcr-ui" no longer exists. There is now "gcr-gtk3" and "gcr-gtk4" for the
GTK3 and GTK4 versions respectively. These might be removed from by the beta
release however, in favor of widgets for each DE (e.g. libadwaita or
libgranite or ...).
- All deprecated API has been removed, as well as most UI-related code. This
includes most widgets, GcrColumn and any icons.
- Most GObject-based code has been updated to use modern constructs like the
`G_DECLARE_*` macros
- "pkcs11.h" and "pkcs11.vapi" have been removed. If you used "pcks11.h", this
is provided by the p11-kit package. If you used pkcs11.vapi, you'll have to
copy it directly in your repository.
- The org.gnome.crypto.pgp schema is no longer shipped. The options provided in
it are part of GPG configuration files.
- The minimally required version of Meson is now 0.59
- All `GcrCollection` based APIs are now ported to `GListModel`.
- Added lookup of trust assertions for distrusted certs
- Updated translations
gcr 3.41.0:
- Port ssh-agent from gnome-keyring [GNOME/gcr!67]
- build: Fix parallel build failure due to missing marshal dependency [GNOME/gcr!68]
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