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    - fixed missing config.h.mingw.in (that replaces config.h.mingw) · bf2de288
    Bruno Coudoin authored
    	- added support for python plugin compilation under mingw
    	- improved wordprocessor activity. it no more crashes and allow
    	  two styles, on for the layout, one for the color (on an idea
    	  of my daughter Clara)
    	- This activity could be moved out of --experimental now but
    	  we are in string freeze.
    	- Added a double switch in electricity. It is now possible to make
    	  a 2 switches corridor like circuit (va et vient in french).
    	- config.c : fixed a double memory free on locale that crashed GC at exit time.
    	- file_selector.c: fixed mime type loading and display. now uses gettext instead of
    	  inline xml translation.
    	- menu.c: fixed a misplaced free that makes all board description in the database to be junk
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