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    copy from other indian flag created by Alexey Lubimov remade by Franck · 0480e25d
    Bruno Coudoin authored
    	* boards/flags/pa.png: copy from other indian flag
    	* boards/gletters/gletters.ru: created by Alexey Lubimov
    	* boards/skins/babytoy/button_large2.png: remade by Franck Doucet
    	* boards/sounds/ru/alphabet/Makefile.am: created. uncomplete yet
    	* boards/sounds/ru/colors/Makefile.am: -
    	* boards/sounds/ru/geography/Makefile.am: -
    	* boards/sounds/ru/misc/Makefile.am: -
    	* docs/fr/gcompris.texi: fixed by de Colombel Renaud <renaud.decolombel@free.fr>
    	* src/boards/reading.c: added support for utf8, fixed memory leaks by Alexey Lubimov <avl@l14.ru>
    	* src/boards/click_on_letter.c: (repeat), (sounds_are_fine),
    	(click_on_letter_next_level), (click_on_letter_create_item),
    	(item_event), (highlight_selected): fixed to use utf8 by Alexey Lubimov
    	* src/gcompris/Makefile.am: added remove gcompris-marshal.* in cleanup
    	* src/gcompris/assetml.c: (dump_asset), (assetml_add_xml_to_data),
    	(matching), (free_asset): improved to support a name field by Alexey Lubimov
    	* src/gcompris/assetml.h: -
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