1. 15 Aug, 2006 1 commit
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      - Fixed default path search for platform not supported by binreloc · d6cf7d18
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	- removed x86-64 warning (all remaining ones I hope).
      	- Added "weight", PANGO_WEIGHT_HEAVY, in all dialogs for the title and
      	  ok button. It looks better.
      	- Fixed menu2 to lock the user board selection until the display is complete.
      	- Added support in gc_net_load_pixmap to also load local file. Thus I standartize
      	  on called this one which will make local or remote load depending on the url given.
  2. 13 Aug, 2006 1 commit
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      - Added support for relocation using http://autopackage.org/docs/binreloc/ · 2cba2a20
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	  (Needed to create an autopackage installer)
      	  Now GCompris will detect at runtime where it is installed and find it's data.
      	  As a fallback, default set at compile time are used (like before).
      	  To disable is, use sh configure --disable-binreloc
      	  Very usefull for developers, you can now run gcompris from within it's source
      	  code without even installing it !. The new code detect that and set the data
      	  dir accordingly.
      	  Warning, developers must no more use the PACKAGE_DATA_DIR define but must get the
      	  data dir always from the property object like this:
      	  GcomprisProperties *properties = gcompris_get_properties();
      	  properties->package_xxx_dir contains the root data directory, like:
      	  package_data_dir         = /usr/local/share/gcompris/boards
      	  package_locale_dir       = /usr/local/share/locale
      	  package_plugin_dir       = /usr/local/lib/gcompris
      	  package_python_plugin_dir= /usr/local/share/gcompris/python
  3. 12 Aug, 2006 1 commit
  4. 31 Jul, 2006 1 commit
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      added to report that wahoo comes from childsplay · 8eacd0a4
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* boards/sounds/README: added to report that wahoo comes from childsplay
      	* boards/sounds/wahoo.ogg:
      	* configure.in: removed not yet provided ta.po
      	* src/boards/click_on_letter.c: (sounds_are_fine): fixed dialog messages assetml-voices-alphabet are almost never used under
      	that name on any distro. Now give a more generic message.
      	* src/gcompris/bonus.c: (gcompris_display_bonus):
      	* src/gcompris/config.c:  removed not yet provided ta.po
  5. 16 Jul, 2006 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      - Added missing French audio voices by Zohra Coudoin · ae093990
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	  Released under GPL
      	* Makefile.mingw.in: created based on Makefile.mingw to include @VERSION@
      	* boards/clickgame/nur00523.jpg: moved from boards/gcompris/
      	* boards/geography/board4_2.xml.in: fixed zambia.png reference (was broken link)
      	* boards/skins/gartoon/mini_bad.png: rotate to make it more like it's bad
      	* gcompris-edit.desktop.in: moved edit menu in the same section as GCompris.
      	* gcompris-installer.nsi.in: now will get version automatically
      	* gcompris-uninstal.ico: remade, not sure yet it will be accepted by the installer
      	* po/POTFILES.in:
      	* src/boards/shapegame.c: (shapegame_init_canvas), (item_event): now the tooltip is always
      	                          locate in the lower left to avoid hidding the map.
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: (set_locale_flag): fixed to display no flags if none found
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris.c: replaced display_resource by display-resource
  6. 10 Jul, 2006 1 commit
  7. 17 May, 2006 1 commit
  8. 11 May, 2006 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      - Applyed a patch by Hans de Goede to improve fullscreen · f66ade93
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	 - Now OK is sent to a board only on Enter KP_Enter and Space
      	 - Now we make one sound package by locale
      	 - Fixed a bug in image selector that crashes GCompris if a file contains
      	   a % in it
      	 - Activated live fullscreen in configuration but it does not work yet.
  9. 10 May, 2006 2 commits
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      Added Czech sounds from by Martin Sin · 6224d17a
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	  Added Brasilian sounds by Francisco Marcelo Mendes Damasceno
      	  Cleanup to remove assetml files and makefiles.
      	* Makefile.am:
      	* src/gcompris/board_config.c: added code to grab the dialog (from Hans de Goede)
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      assetml removal continues. added support for local sounds in click_on_letter · 385924ea
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	and colors.
      	* src/boards/click_on_letter.c: (start_board), (conf_ok):
      	* src/boards/colors.c: (conf_ok), (start_board), (end_board): support sound locale.
                now the background music is muted.
      	* src/gcompris/board_config.c: (gcompris_get_locales_list),
      	(gcompris_get_locales_asset_list): now support $LOCALE in the file to check for.
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: (gcompris_config_start),
      	(gcompris_get_locale_name), (item_event_ok): added an API entry
      	 gcompris_get_locale_name() to return the country name based on a locale name.
      	* src/gcompris/gameutil.c: (gcompris_find_absolute_filename): improved to limit searches
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris.h:
  10. 09 May, 2006 1 commit
  11. 29 Apr, 2006 1 commit
  12. 28 Apr, 2006 1 commit
  13. 09 Jan, 2006 1 commit
  14. 12 Nov, 2005 1 commit
  15. 11 Nov, 2005 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      added an explanation on languages in GCompris fixed compile warning fixed · f0874307
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* docs/website/sommaire.html: added an explanation on languages in GCompris
      	* src/boards/machpuzzle.c: (minigolf_create_item),
      	(create_machine_item), (minigolf_move): fixed compile warning
      	* src/boards/memory.c: (end_board), (memory_destroy_all_items): fixed a crash,
      	 tux_memory was not set to NULL and was reused.
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: (item_event_ok): implemented instant fullscreen.
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris.c: (init_background), (setup_window),
      	(gcompris_set_fullscreen), (gcompris_exit), (gcompris_init): implemented instant fullscreen.
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris.h: implemented instant fullscreen.
  16. 11 Oct, 2005 1 commit
  17. 28 Sep, 2005 1 commit
  18. 16 Sep, 2005 1 commit
  19. 12 Sep, 2005 1 commit
  20. 04 Sep, 2005 2 commits
  21. 29 Aug, 2005 2 commits
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      - added continent voices for french by Julien Gilles · 7eeade7f
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	- removed useless translation in src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c
      	* boards/login.xml.in: typo
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/COPYRIGHT:
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/africa.ogg: Continent files are from Julien Gilles
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/america.ogg:
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/antartica.ogg:
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/asia.ogg:
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/europa.ogg:
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/gcompris_geography_fr.assetml.in:
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/oceania.ogg:
      	* configure.in: change for french geography version
      	* src/boards/fifteen.c: (fifteen_create_item): font change
      	* src/boards/python/pythontest.py: removed useless translation
      	* src/boards/reading.c: (reading_create_item): do not use pango for black overwrite
      	                                               because it bugs for unknown reason
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: (gcompris_config_start): changed message
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris.c: minor, changed message
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c: (gcompris_db_init),
      	(gcompris_get_profile_from_id), (gcompris_get_users_from_group),
      	(gcompris_get_user_from_id), (gcompris_get_class_from_id),
      	(gcompris_get_profiles_list), (gcompris_get_group_from_id),
      	(gcompris_get_groups_list), (gcompris_get_users_list),
      	(gcompris_get_classes_list): removed useless translation in src/gcompris/gcompris_db.c
    • Yves Combe's avatar
      Change fonts size and interline in reading.c · 5561688c
      Yves Combe authored
      suppress filter boards from old config.
  22. 28 Aug, 2005 1 commit
  23. 23 Jul, 2005 1 commit
  24. 15 May, 2005 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      added missing file for gnuchess cleanup. reitroduced for windows version. · 8faf7abe
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* src/boards/Makefile.mingw: added missing file for gnuchess
      	* src/boards/chess.c: (start_child): cleanup.
      	* src/boards/draw.c: (tool_event), (load_drawing), (save_drawing): reitroduced for windows version. removed load/save capapility.
      	* src/gcompris/assetml.c: (dump_asset), (assetml_load_xml): fixed null pointer in display dump.
      	* src/gcompris/board.c: (init_plugins): added draw
      	* src/gcompris/soundutil.c: (gcompris_play_ogg) now returns if sound is null
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: code cleanup
  25. 01 May, 2005 1 commit
  26. 06 Apr, 2005 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      fixed regarding Xrandr added a line to show the winning position by Yves · af53a1d8
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* configure.in: fixed regarding Xrandr
      	* src/boards/python/connect4.py: added a line to show the winning position
      	by Yves Combe
      	* src/boards/python/connect4p/rules.py: -
      	* src/gcompris/bonus.c: (bonus_image), (end_bonus): Added support for the DRAW (equality)
      	* src/gcompris/config.c:
      	* src/gcompris/file_selector.c: (display_file_selector):
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris-edit.c: moved the includes to avoid a conflict with _ (gettext)
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris.c: (init_background): cleanup
      	* src/gcompris/gcompris.h: added GCOMPRIS_LOG_STATUS_DRAW
  27. 12 Mar, 2005 1 commit
  28. 10 Feb, 2005 1 commit
  29. 30 Nov, 2004 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      · 39be60ac
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* boards/flags/gcompris_flags.assetml.in:
      	* boards/flags/zh.png:
      	* configure.in:
      	* docs/spipparser.pl:
      	* src/gcompris/config.c:
  30. 03 Nov, 2004 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      added ga.png added Continent Capitals added russian removed linguas, moved · eb6a790b
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* boards/flags/gcompris_flags.assetml.in: added ga.png
      	* boards/geography/board1_0.xml.in: added Continent Capitals
      	* boards/sounds/Makefile.am: added russian
      	* configure.in: removed linguas, moved to po/LINGUAS
      	* gcompris.spec.in: added russian
      	* po/LINGUAS: added
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: added ga locale Irish (Gaelic)
  31. 26 Oct, 2004 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      added translation to the title added new planes from Franck created for · 47ac0542
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* boards/chronos/board4_1.xml.in: added translation to the title
      	* boards/dataset/mrpatate.xml: added new planes from Franck
      	* boards/sounds/ru/Makefile.am: created for russian voices. not yet commited
      	* src/boards/py-mod-utils.c: (py_gcompris_canvas_set_property),
      	(py_gcompris_canvas_get_property): created canvas_set/get_property to let python access to svgimport
      	data in items
      	* src/boards/python/anim.py: uses gcompris.utils.canvas_set_property
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: added Indian (Punjabi)
      	* src/gcompris/gameutil.c: (gcompris_dialog): now do not display a second dialog if it happens
      	it was crashing
      	* src/gcompris/help.c: (gcompris_help_start): removed focus on top button it makes crashing on close
      	* src/gcompris/svgutil.c: (gcompris_svg_save): added http://gcompris.net
  32. 18 Oct, 2004 2 commits
  33. 27 Sep, 2004 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      fixed image reference fixed image reference added added added changed GTK · 1415d1ad
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* boards/geography/board3_1.xml.in: fixed image reference
      	* boards/missing_letter/board1.xml.in: fixed image reference
      	* boards/sounds/da/Makefile.am: added
      	* boards/sounds/da/geography/Makefile.am: added
      	* boards/sounds/da/misc/Makefile.am: added
      	* configure.in: changed GTK version
      	* gcompris.spec.in: removed libassetml reference
      	* src/boards/gletters.c: (key_press): moved a declaration to compile with old gcc 2.95
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: added danish
  34. 08 Aug, 2004 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      added ballcatch game added ballcatch game added Walloon flag created by · 6e36eb2f
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* boards/Makefile.am: added ballcatch game
      	* boards/boardicons/ballcatch.png: added ballcatch game
      	* boards/flags/gcompris_flags.assetml.in: added Walloon flag
      	* boards/gcompris/misc/hand.png: created by Bruno
      	* boards/gcompris/misc/tux.png: fixed. border had white
      	* configure.in:
      	* po/POTFILES.in: added ballcatch game
      	* src/boards/clickgame.c: (clickgame_end),
      	(clickgame_destroy_all_items): fixed, level 2 and above, fishes was not going out
      	* src/boards/python/ballcatch.py: create by Bruno
      	* src/boards/python/pythontest.py: includes now a ballcatch prototype
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: added Wallon
  35. 02 Jul, 2004 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      created for anim by Bruno - - - now this assetml package is declared as · f7245205
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* boards/draw/tool-camera.png: created for anim by Bruno
      	* boards/draw/tool-camera_on.png: -
      	* boards/draw/tool-movie.png: -
      	* boards/draw/tool-movie_on.png: -
      	* boards/sounds/fr/france_region/gcompris_franceregion_fr.assetml.i
      	n: now this assetml package is declared as locale="" instead of french.
      	this way, users of other  countries will hear some french
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/COPYRIGHT: added clara copyright
      	* boards/sounds/fr/geography/gcompris_geography_fr.assetml.in: added european countries
      	* src/boards/python/anim.py: added 2 buttons for camera and video play
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: added Albanian locale
  36. 05 Jun, 2004 1 commit
    • Bruno Coudoin's avatar
      created. used by the hexagon board remade in more easy to 'read' removed. · 90beca2b
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      	* boards/images/scenery5_background.png: created. used by the hexagon board
      	* boards/skins/default/config.png: remade in more easy to 'read'
      	* boards/skins/default/difficulty_star.png: removed. replaced by some more cute one
      	* boards/skins/default/difficulty_star1.png: some more cute icons for the difficulty
      	* boards/skins/default/difficulty_star2.png:
      	* boards/skins/default/difficulty_star3.png:
      	* boards/skins/default/difficulty_star4.png:
      	* boards/skins/default/difficulty_star5.png:
      	* boards/skins/default/difficulty_star6.png:
      	* src/boards/menu.c: (display_board_icon), (menu_create_item),
      	(item_event), (create_info_area): removed the use of the rich text canvas cause it crashes
      	* src/boards/python/algorithm.py: use the new scenery background with a bridge
      	* src/gcompris/config.c: (gcompris_config_start),
      	(display_difficulty_level): adjusted for the new difficulty icons
      	* src/gcompris/gameutil.c: (gcompris_add_xml_to_data),
      	(gcompris_display_difficulty_stars):  adjusted for the new difficulty icons
      	* src/gcompris/gameutil.h: now give a ratio to gcompris_display_difficulty_stars