Commit ffbf41ce authored by Bruno Coudoin's avatar Bruno Coudoin

Fixed animation activity, image was referenced badly.

Fixed bug:
Activity: /expericence/electric

When I click one of the buttons at the left top corner,It reports:
Coundn't find or load the file
This activity is incomlete.
Exit it and report
the problem to the authors.
parent 62973e50
......@@ -252,12 +252,12 @@ class Gcompris_electric:
def assign_tool(self, newtool):
# Deactivate old button
item =[self.current_tool][4]
item.set_properties(pixbuf = gcompris.utils.load_pixmap([self.current_tool][1])))
item.set_properties(pixbuf = gcompris.utils.load_pixmap([self.current_tool][1]))
# Activate new button
self.current_tool = newtool
item =[newtool][4]
item.set_properties(pixbuf = gcompris.utils.load_pixmap([self.current_tool][2])))
item.set_properties(pixbuf = gcompris.utils.load_pixmap([self.current_tool][2]))
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