Commit b5509552 authored by Srishti Sethi's avatar Srishti Sethi

Three Activitie + icon+Description XML File Complete

parent f4a8dfb0
......@@ -9,10 +9,10 @@
author="your name here"
<_title>set a title for braille_lotto</_title>
<_description>set a description for braille_lotto</_description>
<_prerequisite>set a prerequisite for braille_lotto</_prerequisite>
<_goal>set a goal for braille_lotto</_goal>
<_title>Braille Lotto</_title>
<_description>Fun with Braille</_description>
<_prerequisite>Braille number codes</_prerequisite>
<_goal>Check the braille code for the number on the button in the ticket.If you find the code in the ticket, click on it in order to cross it.As soon you click the code it will be crossed.The player who is able to cross all the braille codes correctly first, wins the game.Check the braille chart by clicking on the toggle button for help.</_goal>
<_manual>set a manual for braille_lotto</_manual>
<_credit>set a credit for braille_lotto</_credit>
......@@ -332,7 +332,6 @@ class Gcompris_louis_braille:
# Remove the root item removes all the others inside it
def ok(self):
print("louis_braille ok.")
......@@ -9,12 +9,12 @@
author="your name here"
<_title>set a title for louis_braille</_title>
<_description>set a description for louis_braille</_description>
<_prerequisite>set a prerequisite for louis_braille</_prerequisite>
<_goal>set a goal for louis_braille</_goal>
<_manual>set a manual for louis_braille</_manual>
<_credit>set a credit for louis_braille</_credit>
<title>Louis Braille</title>
<description>The Story Of Louis Braille</description>
<goal>Read the story of Louis Braille ,his biography and discovery of braille code.Click on the previous and next buttons to move to the respective story page.At the end of story, arrange the sequence.In the entry box in front of each story type the alphabet to indicate its sequence and press enter.</goal>
<credit>Louis Braille Video :</credit>
<Data directory=""/>
......@@ -9,10 +9,10 @@
author="your name here"
<_title>set a title for rhymes_riddles</_title>
<_description>set a description for rhymes_riddles</_description>
<_prerequisite>set a prerequisite for rhymes_riddles</_prerequisite>
<_goal>set a goal for rhymes_riddles</_goal>
<_title>Rhymes Riddles</_title>
<_description>Can you solve this ?</_description>
<_prerequisite>Braille alphabet codes</_prerequisite>
<_goal>Answer to the rhyme or riddle by identifying the braille alphabet code.Check the braille chart on clicking the toggle button for help.Click in the entry box to start typing your answer.Press enter to confirm.</_goal>
<_manual>set a manual for rhymes_riddles</_manual>
<_credit>set a credit for rhymes_riddles</_credit>
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