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year = 1809
story = Born January 4th at Coupvary near Paris in France.
image = louis_braille/louis.jpg
year = 1812
story = Louis Braille injured his left eye with a stitching awl \n from his fathers workshop.
image = louis_braille/workshop.jpg
year = 1812
story = At the age of three Louis became blind due to \n sympathetic ophthalmia.
image = louis_braille/fireplace.jpg
year = 1819
story = At the age of 10 he was sent to Paris to study \n at the Royal Institute for Blind Youth.
image = louis_braille/rnib.jpg
year = 1820
story = He began to impress his classmates and began to \n play piano and the organ.
image = louis_braille/piano.jpg
year = 1821
story = Charles Barbier, a french soldier visited his school and shared \n his invention of night writing ,a code of 12 raised dots \n that let soldiers share top secret information on battlefield.
image = louis_braille/night_printing.jpg
year = 1824
story = Louis trimmed Barbier's 12 dots into 6 and \n invented Braille.
image = louis_braille/braile.jpg
year = 1828
story = He became a professor after graduating and secretly \n taught his method.
image = louis_braille/teach.jpg
year = 1837
story = He revised and extended braille to include mathematics,\n symbols, punctuations and music notations.
image = louis_braille/chart.png
year = 1852
story = He died of tuberculosis.He is burried in the Pantheon \n in Paris.A monument is erected to honor him.
image = louis_braille/statue.jpg
year = After his Death
story = Braille got accepted as a world wide standard.Louis proved \n if you have motivation you can do incredible things.
image = louis_braille/braille_ball.jpg
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