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2001-05-21 Bruno Coudoin <>
* GCompris 0.6.1
* GCompris is now a GNU Package
* Complete rewrite to have boards being independant plugins
* Directory change to have only one root dir for boards data
* Added the scales board
2001-02-18 Bruno Coudoin <>
* GCompris : Release 0.4.1
* WARNING: Since images have changed a lot, it is mandatory to
remove old images from /usr/share/pixmaps/gcompris/*
or whatever directory they are installed on your system.
This should be done automatically by RPM and DEB package users.
* Added the documentation. It can be browsed directly from
GCompris help menu or with GNU info
* The falling animals board has been replaced by fishes
This has to be done due to the unkwown knowledge of the
author of the animals and of their licensing.
Fishes are taken from the project xfishtank and are free of
* Added the planegame board. This board let you drive a plane
and your goal is to catch the clouds in the increasing order.
The way the plane is moved (relative speed) confuses a lot the
children. I feel it is good to have them learn this way of
controlling an object.
* Added the shape board which feature a puzzle of old
impresionists paintings.
* Removed the sounds. I discovered that the sounds I were using
was the standard Gnome ones. I now point to them, so no sounds
are included in GCompris. I did this to be sure that I don't
include file I am not sure of their origin and copyright status.
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Please read the project news online on:
* gcompris_edit should allow teachers to create profiles.
gcompris should accept on the command line a conf file as created by
* More boards both educational and/or recreationnal.
see a list at
* Boards idea:
- simple geometry: redo a symetrical drawing
* Use thepixbuf animation feature for fishes instead of my own
animation implementation
* GCompris editor : It will let teachers/educators to create their
own boards.
* More feedback
* More feature, see a list at:
* Add an independant server side software that can control gcompris
behaviour and record the student scoring. It must also include
......@@ -22,128 +11,3 @@
* Add a board to set the current date on a calendar with date/month/year
and season (Have fun with season and I18N ;)
* Add a board for child identification.
* change the scale board to be more realistic and flexible.
* Dynamic screen resolution change (using Xrender)
* Dynamic skin change
* Remove the Gnome dependancy to use GTK only. The gnomecanvas itself do
not require gnome. Less dependancy less install issues. Also could
make porting easier.
* Add an audio output selector an test in the config window
Bug report from Marec Dirson:
- dans le tableau "trains" (et sans doute ailleurs), il lui arrive
souvent de cliquer sur des zones transparentes et de s'étonner que ça
ne marche pas (je me demande si je ne t'avais pas déja fait cette
- quand on fait glisser qqch à la souris, ça serait intéressant
d'emêcher le pointeur d'entre dans la barre du bas, pour éviter de la
même façon d'activer une commande par erreur (il a par exemple
plusieurs fois cliqué sur le dé, et perdu le tableau en cours)
- un moyen rapide de savoir si le tableau fonctionne avec la souris ou
le clavier serait utile (ex. une icône dans la barre). Souvent en
allant vers un tableau "inconnu" il essaye la souris (il a essayé de
cliquer sur les lettres qui tombent :) - tiens, ça me rappelle mon 1er
contact avec le labyrinthe, que par ailleurs il aime bien ;)
- il a été déçu de ne pas "pouvoir" explorer tous les tableaux dispo,
j'ai dû le convaincre que vu ses perfs aux additions, les
soustractions et le reste seraint pour plue tard :). On retombe sur
la possibilité de restriction des tableaux accessibles suivant l'âge
ou autre)
- je me demande si dans le tableau "train" il ne serait pas mieux de
faire la construction par drag'n'drop. Si il prend la bonne loco mais
se trompe de wagon, il faut recommencer au début, c'est pas top.
- Aussi, il y a un cas ou malgres qu'on mettes la bonne solution,
il ne trouve pas que c'est OK.
- si on ajoute beaucoup de wagons, ils dépassent de l'écran et on ne les
voit plus. Quand on enlève les wagons qui dépassent, il se passe des choses
bizarres : ils disparaissent tous en même temps !
- le bouton "dé" est beaucoup trop près des boutons "replay" et "pouce",
dont on se sert plus souvent.
- dans le labyrinthe, quand on laisse le doigt appuyé sur la touche pour
aller vite à la sortie, Tux marche tout seul dans le labyrinthe suivant (il
faut vider le tampon du clavier au début du tableau)
- dans le tableau des correspondances :
+ après ça, si tu laches un objet sur un autre déja posé (pour
écahnger, donc), ce dernier disparait du tableau (sournoisement me
dit-on ;)
- quand on est en mode plein écran, et qu'on clique sur "aide" dans
l'écran "à propos", il lance un navigateur qui n'est pas visible.
- chess: Replace color change by dotted cases in the chess board.
- Pause the background music when playing music with sounds
----------- PROFILE DESIGN -------------
We need to create a profile and edition mecanism in gcompris. Here is a
description of how we plan to implement this. This has been designed on
an IRC chat session with Yves.
Profiles can be edited when gcompris is started with 'gcompris -e'.
Profile provides there features:
- A profile can be associated with a list of kids name. In this case,
gcompris will display a login selector with the list of names when run
in this profile. No passwords are managed.
- A profile can be associated a list of activities (currently done in
gcompris_edit, gcompris_edit is deleted).
- There is always at least one profile ('default' by default).
The trace mecanism includes the profil (default is none selected) and
the gcompris kids name instead of the unix user name if available.
when gcompris -e is run, if an activities is editable, the edit button
in the gcompris bar will apprear.
Each activity is in charge of editing its content. it's content is
always saved in .gcompris/activities_data/<activity_name>/<profile>/<board specific
GCompris core provides facilities to the edition. The first facility to
be implemented is to edit text. in the api, we provideompris_edit("some explanation", validator_callback).
The explanation will be display above the text entry. The teacher will
edit the text (like list of words in the entry box). The validator
callback returns an empty string if text is ok, an error message else.
When a board is started it first check for a content
in .gcompris/activities_data/<activity_name>/<profile>/
if none avalaible here, then the default is usedhese new fatures are mandatory in gcompris is we want to go further,
especialy in reading activities. There is many ideas we could implement
easily in the reading area but we cannot until we have in place a goodowerfull and generic edition and profiling mecanism.
Teachers want to have some edit capability to adapt gcompris to their
courses. We could make some dirty hack and go faster but in the end we
will loose the maintainabilty of gcompris. I want to keep gcompris fun
to code and continue the strong separation between the boards and the
Now in term of planning, I cannot work on this now. My plan is to
integrate gcompris with physicfs like we talked here a few monthes ago.
Then make a new release for the windows version. This is most important
because it will make it easier to distribute updates (python activities
only) to all our users, whatever the platform they use.
This will allows us to make gcompris a complete, full featured
educational software that rivals many proprietary ones.
If somebody want to work on the profile concept, we will be abble to
provide these features at least 6 monthes earlier than what I can do.
- source-contains-CVS-dir gnome2-macros/CVS
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