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DiceyDicey final refinement

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This diff is collapsed.
This diff is collapsed.
...@@ -6,15 +6,16 @@ ...@@ -6,15 +6,16 @@
section="/experimental" section="/experimental"
icon="dicey_dicey.svg" icon="dicey_dicey.svg"
difficulty="1" difficulty="1"
author="your name here"
boarddir="" boarddir=""
demo="1"> demo="1">
<_title>set a title for dicey_dicey</_title> <_title>Dicey Dicey</_title>
<_description>set a description for dicey_dicey</_description> <_description>Deciphering the braille code</_description>
<_prerequisite>set a prerequisite for dicey_dicey</_prerequisite> <_prerequisite>Braille number codes</_prerequisite>
<_goal>set a goal for dicey_dicey</_goal> <_goal>In the first three levels you have to identify the corresponding braille code resulting out of the given operation. Click on the dots in braille cell and click on OK to confirm your selection of dots.
<_manual>set a manual for dicey_dicey</_manual> In the last three levels you have to identify the given braille mathematical operator to find out the operation involved. Click on the braille math symbol dice to confirm your answer.
<_credit>set a credit for dicey_dicey</_credit> There is a REPEAT icon given in the bottom board for help. Check the braille chart on clicking it.</_goal>
<_credit>Louis Braille School : .Libbraille : Portable library for braille display : </_credit>
</Board> </Board>
<Data directory=""/> <Data directory=""/>
</GCompris> </GCompris>
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