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    - Added support for relocation using http://autopackage.org/docs/binreloc/ · 2cba2a20
    Bruno Coudoin authored
    	  (Needed to create an autopackage installer)
    	  Now GCompris will detect at runtime where it is installed and find it's data.
    	  As a fallback, default set at compile time are used (like before).
    	  To disable is, use sh configure --disable-binreloc
    	  Very usefull for developers, you can now run gcompris from within it's source
    	  code without even installing it !. The new code detect that and set the data
    	  dir accordingly.
    	  Warning, developers must no more use the PACKAGE_DATA_DIR define but must get the
    	  data dir always from the property object like this:
    	  GcomprisProperties *properties = gcompris_get_properties();
    	  properties->package_xxx_dir contains the root data directory, like:
    	  package_data_dir         = /usr/local/share/gcompris/boards
    	  package_locale_dir       = /usr/local/share/locale
    	  package_plugin_dir       = /usr/local/lib/gcompris
    	  package_python_plugin_dir= /usr/local/share/gcompris/python
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