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    - Fixes text of board description being badly wrapped · aecea09a
    Bruno Coudoin authored
    	  I now use the richtext canvas to display it. We may
    	  loose on reliabilty.
    	* boards/canal_lock.xml.in:
    	* boards/clickgame.xml.in:
    	* boards/gnumch-inequality.xml.in:
    	* boards/guessnumber.xml.in:
    	* boards/redraw_symmetrical.xml.in:
    	* boards/traffic.xml.in:
    	* boards/watercycle.xml.in:
    	* src/boards/menu.c: (menu_start), (menu_end), (item_event),
    	(set_content), (create_info_area):
    	* src/boards/python/anim.py: fix for import old animation not working
    	* src/boards/python/guessnumber.py: Fix for widget that appers over bonus and/or help
    	* src/gcompris/gameutil.c: (gcompris_add_xml_to_data):
    	* src/gcompris/help.c: (set_content):
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