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    Miguel DE IZARRA added support for online wordlist. · 26bbbc54
    Bruno Coudoin authored
    	This save custom data in user_dir and make a content.txt (a md5sum
    	like file) listing custom files. Simply put this files in a web server
    	to diffuse in classroom.
    	GCompris clients are launch with --server and --cache-dir
    	On start, client download content.txt from server.
    	And when a client need a file:
    	- first he search in server list (from content.txt)
    	- if found, he check md5 of file in cache_dir
    	- if md5 isn't ok, file is download in cache_dir
    	  file in cache_dir is used
    	- if not found, search in package_dir (like now)
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