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2001-05-21  Bruno Coudoin  <>
	* GCompris 0.6.1
	* GCompris is now a GNU Package
	* Complete rewrite to have boards being independant plugins
	* Directory change to have only one root dir for boards data
	* Added the scales board

2001-02-18  Bruno Coudoin  <>
	* GCompris : Release 0.4.1
	* WARNING: Since images have changed a lot, it is mandatory to
	           remove old images from /usr/share/pixmaps/gcompris/*
	           or whatever directory they are installed on your system.
	           This should be done automatically by RPM and DEB package users.
	* Added the documentation. It can be browsed directly from
	  GCompris help menu or with GNU info
	* The falling animals board has been replaced by fishes
	  This has to be done due to the unkwown knowledge of the
	  author of the animals and of their licensing.
	  Fishes are taken from the project xfishtank and are free of
	* Added the planegame board. This board let you drive a plane
	  and your goal is to catch the clouds in the increasing order.
	  The way the plane is moved (relative speed) confuses a lot the
	  children. I feel it is good to have them learn this way of 
	  controlling an object.
	* Added the shape board which feature a puzzle of old 
	  impresionists paintings.
	* Removed the sounds. I discovered that the sounds I were using
	  was the standard Gnome ones. I now point to them, so no sounds
	  are included in GCompris. I did this to be sure that I don't
	  include file I am not sure of their origin and copyright status.