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                           NOTE TO TRANSLATORS

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WARNING: After a .po update and install, run GCompris with --reread-menu option
         in order to see your changes. (GCompris caches strings in a database).

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To update only you po file, run: intltool-update lang (lang is fr for French).

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GCompris is a little bit special in terms of translation needs. The best is
done to bring back everything to .po files but it is not exhaustive.

To complete the translation, you must also provide:

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Note that in the po file when you encounter string like this:
#: ../boards/missing_letter/
msgid "apple/appl_/e/h/a"

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The number in means this word will be provided at level 1 of
this very activity in gcompris.
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So here is the format description:
   The word    The _                    3 proposals
   to find     is the missing           chose them to
               letter                   confuse the kid
   apple       appl_                    / e / h / a

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A single word list file for your locale named:
Where XX is your target locale.

Note that these words must be choosen to be simple in your language,
don't necessary translate the english. Also, it is important to make sure
that these words can be written with your keyboard in one key
(no alt gr stuff or compose key).

In order to be useful, this list must contains about 1000 words.
If you can, pick the words from a school children book or wiktionary.

The files are XML formatted. There are 5 levels section which contains:
Level   Word length
  1     < 4 and very easy to type
  2     = 4 or < 4 not so easy
  3     = 5
  4     = 6
  5     > 6

A complete voice translation in boards/voices/yy
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The voices are in a separate git branch. If you got the source from the
git, you can get the voices simply by running 'make update-voices'.
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It is best to choose somebody that speaks and articulate well your language.
What is great with GCompris is that you can use it to practice a foreign
Read the file boards/voices/HOWTO_ENCODE to get more detailed instructions

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To check that you completed the translation of all voices and that there are no
missing files. You can use the tool located in the tools