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Commit ca674a74 authored by Bruno Coudoin's avatar Bruno Coudoin

bundle script improved.

There are still 2 issues, both concerning the path. One in, the other
in gcompris-instance. When run on XO, it works by including the full path
in them (like /usr/share/activities/crane.activity/gcompris.bin in

svn path=/branches/gcomprixo/; revision=2881
parent 59153a29
...@@ -22,13 +22,17 @@ fi ...@@ -22,13 +22,17 @@ fi
# Create the Sugar specific startup scripts # Create the Sugar specific startup scripts
activity_name=`basename $1 -activity` activity_name=`basename $1 -activity`
cp activity-gcompris.svg $1/activity activity_dir=${activity_name}.activity
cp $1/activity cp -a $1 $activity_dir
sed -i s/@ACTIVITY_NAME@/$activity_name/g $1/activity/ cp activity-gcompris.svg $activity_dir/activity
cp gcompris-instance $1/ cp $activity_dir/activity
cp gcompris-factory $1/ sed -i s/@ACTIVITY_NAME@/$activity_name/g $activity_dir/activity/
cp gcompris-instance $activity_dir/
cp gcompris-factory $activity_dir/
mv $activity_dir/.libs/*.so $activity_dir
rm -rf $activity_dir/.libs
tar -cjf $1.tar.bz2 -h \ tar -cjf $activity_dir.tar.bz2 -h \
--exclude ".svn" --exclude "resources/skins/babytoy" \ --exclude ".svn" --exclude "resources/skins/babytoy" \
$draw \ $draw \
--exclude "resources/skins/gartoon/timers" \ --exclude "resources/skins/gartoon/timers" \
...@@ -40,13 +44,12 @@ tar -cjf $1.tar.bz2 -h \ ...@@ -40,13 +44,12 @@ tar -cjf $1.tar.bz2 -h \
--exclude "*.lo" \ --exclude "*.lo" \
--exclude "*.o" \ --exclude "*.o" \
--exclude "*.lai" \ --exclude "*.lai" \
$1 $activity_dir
# Create the sugar .xo zip bundle # Create the sugar .xo zip bundle
tar -tjf $1.tar.bz2 | zip $1.xo -@ rm -f $activity_dir.xo
tar -tjf $activity_dir.tar.bz2 | zip $activity_dir.xo -@
# Sugar cleanup # Sugar cleanup
rm $1/activity/ rm -rf $activity_dir
rm $1/activity/activity-gcompris.svg rm $activity_dir.tar.bz2
rm $1/gcompris-instance \ No newline at end of file
rm $1/gcompris-factory
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