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Commit 710efe02 authored by Bruno Coudoin's avatar Bruno Coudoin

minor fix

parent d3efd45a
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
<_description>Create and simulate an electric schema</_description>
<_prerequisite>Need some basic understanding on the electricity concept.</_prerequisite>
<_goal>Freely create an electric schema with a real time simulation of it.</_goal>
<_credit>GCompris uses the Gnucap electric simulator as a backend (&lt;;)</_credit>
<_credit>GCompris uses the Gnucap electric simulator as a backend. You can get more information on gnucap on the site &lt;;.</_credit>
<_manual>Drag electrical component from the selector and drop them on the working area. Create wires by clicking on a connection spot and dropping on another one. You can move components by dragging them. You can delete wires by clicking on them. To delete a component, select the deletion tool on the top of the component selector.
You can click on the switch to open and close it.
You can change the rheostat value by dragging it's wiper.
......@@ -1194,7 +1194,7 @@ class Bulb(Component):
[Node("electric/connect.png", "A", 0, 170),
[Node("electric/connect.png", "A", 7, 170),
Node("electric/connect.png", "B", 85, 170)])
# Overide some values
self.item_values_x = 55
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