Commit c6fdd73e authored by Mario Sanchez Prada's avatar Mario Sanchez Prada

Updated NEWS file

parent 3141fdbc
......@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@
* Raised glib minimum version up to 2.22.
* Raised gtk+ minimum version up to 2.16.
* Raised libsoup minimum version up to 2.26.
* Use libsoup-gnome if available (for using GNOME general proxy settings).
* New build dependency: gnome-doc-utils (needed for gnome-doc-prepare).
* New build dependency: libsoup-gnome (for using GNOME general proxy settings).
* Added new user manual with some translations: cs, de, es, fr, en_GB, ru.
* Several other minor improvements, small bug fixes and cleanups.
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