Commit 33fa0560 authored by Alexandre Franke's avatar Alexandre Franke

Merge branch 'timeout-fixme-note' into 'master' Add a FIXME for an improvement

See merge request World/fractal!153
parents c83cb1b2 9a3a1568
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......@@ -307,6 +307,8 @@ impl AppOp {
.expect("Cant find zoom_in_button in ui file.");
// FIXME: this is used for waiting for `min_lvl` and `max_lvl` to have their values updated
// it could be done in a proper way with signals
gtk::timeout_add(10, clone!(mv => move || match *mv.image.zoom_level.lock().unwrap() {
None => Continue(true),
Some(zlvl) => {
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