Commit 089b001e authored by Julian Sparber's avatar Julian Sparber

headerbar: remove avatar form the headerbar
parent 20c9ebd4
......@@ -390,18 +390,7 @@ impl AppOp {
pub fn set_current_room_avatar(&self, _avatar: Option<String>, size: i32) {
let image = self.ui.builder
.expect("Can't find room_image in ui file.");
for ch in image.get_children() {
download_to_cache(self.backend.clone(), self.uid.clone().unwrap_or_default());
let w = widgets::Avatar::avatar_new(Some(size));, self.username.clone(), size);
pub fn set_current_room_avatar(&self, _avatar: Option<String>, _size: i32) {
pub fn filter_rooms(&self, term: Option<String>) {
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