Verified Commit 8bf85c11 authored by M. Sandoval's avatar M. Sandoval 🥑
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Message Widget: Do not render incomplete messages

If a message contains raw html, the formatted body will contain a
comment, and instead of showing an incomplete message, the plain text
message is used.
parent 735ca936
......@@ -523,6 +523,12 @@ fn build_room_msg(
fn build_room_msg_body_html(container: &MessageBoxContainer, msg: &Message) -> anyhow::Result<gtk::Box> {
let raw = msg.msg.formatted_body.clone().unwrap_or_default();
if raw.contains("<!-- raw HTML omitted -->") {
"Empty message omited: <!-- raw HTML omitted -->, using plain text instead."
let blocks =
markup_html(&raw).with_context(|| format!("Could not render message: {}", &raw))?;
let bx = gtk::Box::new(gtk::Orientation::Vertical, 6);
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