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<release version="4.4" type="stable" date="2020-02-28" urgency="high">
<p>This new major release is the result of 3 months of hard work.</p>
<p>New features:</p>
<li>Videos now have a preview directly in history</li>
<li>New videos player: click on a preview to open it</li>
<li>Improved audio file support, with a nicer presentation and seeking</li>
<li>Redacted messages are removed from history</li>
<li>Edited messages are replaced with their new content and show a small icon</li>
<li>Translations have been updated</li>
<li>Spellcheck language is saved per room</li>
<li>New swipe-back gesture to go back from room to room list in narrow view</li>
<li>New swipe left and right gesture to navigate through media in media view</li>
<li>SOCKS proxy are now also supported</li>
<li>Thumbnail for pasted images have been fixed</li>
<li>File type detection for uploads is more reliable</li>
<li>Typing notifications are now only sent when text is actually typed in the message input</li>
<p>Under the hood:</p>
<li>Code refactor is still going</li>
<li>Some improvements to logging, including access token removal for privacy</li>
<release version="4.2.2" type="stable" date="2019-11-27" urgency="high">
<p>This new minor release is the result of 2 months of hard work.</p>
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