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<release version="4.2.0" type="stable" date="2019-05-05" urgency="high">
<p>This new major release is the result of 5 months of hard work by 37 contributors pushing over 200 commits.</p>
<p>New features:</p>
<li>Adaptive window, mobile friendly</li>
<li>Window size and position are remembered</li>
<li>Redesigned login</li>
<li>Network proxy support</li>
<li>Typing notifications</li>
<li>Badges are shown for operators and moderators</li>
<li>Better uploads:
<li>Audio and video files are now tagged correctly</li>
<li>Image files have a thumbnail</li>
<li>Various tweaks to the file chooser</li>
<li>Logs actually output something now</li>
<li>A few issues with invites and direct chats have been resolved</li>
<li>More reliable scrolling</li>
<li>Some crashes fixed</li>
<p>Under the hood:</p>
<li>Code refactor continues</li>
<li>We’re now using Rust 2018</li>
<li>Many improvements to the build system and CI</li>
<release version="4.0.0" type="stable" date="2018-12-22" urgency="high">
<p>This new major release is the result of 3 months of hard work by 25 contributors pushing over 340 commits.</p>
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