Commit bd50ec50 authored by Niels De Graef's avatar Niels De Graef

Remove the various calls to libtool

This was needed in the automake build, but since we've added support for
Meson now, we can just rely on the `--gdb` option of `meson test` to
start up a gdb instance for us (and G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings to let us
break at the correct point).

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......@@ -121,12 +121,7 @@ _log_fatal_handler (const char *domain,
const char *message,
gpointer user_data)
gboolean suppress = _log_should_suppress (domain, flags, message);
if (!suppress)
g_on_error_stack_trace ("libtool --mode=exec gdb");
return !suppress;
return !_log_should_suppress (domain, flags, message);
......@@ -446,21 +446,9 @@ public abstract class Folks.TestCase : Object
public static void set_up ()
GLib.set_printerr_handler (LogAdaptor._printerr_func_stack_trace);
Log.set_default_handler (LogAdaptor._log_func_stack_trace);
private static void _printerr_func_stack_trace (string? text)
if (text == null || str_equal (text, ""))
stderr.printf (text);
/* Print a stack trace since we've hit some major issue */
GLib.on_error_stack_trace ("libtool --mode=execute gdb");
private static void _log_func_stack_trace (string? log_domain,
LogLevelFlags log_levels,
string message)
......@@ -472,16 +460,6 @@ public abstract class Folks.TestCase : Object
* being forcibly disposed */
if (TestCase.in_final_tear_down)
/* Print a stack trace for any message at the warning level or above
if ((log_levels &
(LogLevelFlags.LEVEL_WARNING | LogLevelFlags.LEVEL_ERROR |
!= 0)
GLib.on_error_stack_trace ("libtool --mode=execute gdb");
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