Commit 8db8fd59 authored by Iñigo Martínez's avatar Iñigo Martínez

build: Fix tracker backend typelib generation

The generation of the tracker backend typelib,
`FolksTracker-0.6.typelib` fails because `Folks-0.6.gir` cannot be

This has been fixed by including `folks` build directory so the
`Folks-0.6.gir` file can be found.
parent cae4bd92
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......@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ tracker_backendlib = shared_library('folks-@0@'.format(tracker_backend_name),
custom_target(tracker_backendlib_gir_name + ' typelib',
command: [ g_ir_compiler,
'--output', '@OUTPUT@',
'--includedir', folks_build_dir,
meson.current_build_dir() / (tracker_backendlib_gir_name + '.gir')
output: tracker_backendlib_gir_name + '.typelib',
folks_build_dir = meson.current_build_dir()
# Internal library
libfolks_internal_sources = [
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