Commit cfcebbd6 authored by Jeremy Whiting's avatar Jeremy Whiting
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tracker: Throw an error if personas are added before store is prepared.

parent 358e7d8c
......@@ -1853,13 +1853,20 @@ public class Trf.PersonaStore : Folks.PersonaStore
private async string? _insert_persona (string query, string persona_var)
throws PersonaStoreError
GLib.Variant variant;
string contact_urn = null;
if (!this.is_prepared)
throw new PersonaStoreError.CREATE_FAILED("Cannot insert persona before store is prepared");
debug ("_insert_persona: %s", query);
debug ("_connection is %p", this._connection);
variant = yield this._connection.update_blank_async (query);
VariantIter iter1, iter2, iter3;
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